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website design, web site development
Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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Web Solutions Omaha Data Center Specifications 


Physical Security  

  • Redundant logs for all entry and exit activities
  • Physically secure with keypad authorization
  • Mantrap security doors require primary door to be sealed before secondary door is opened
  • Biometric authentication and keypad authorization required to gain access to Data Center
  • Biometrics and Codes granted to authorized personnel only
  • Video monitoring
  • Collocated equipment is housed in secure racks, locking both from the front and back
  • Server equipment housed in locked cage environment
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Electronic Security 

  • Entire network monitored 24/7/365 by certified engineers
  • Intrusion detection for all network connections

Environmental Controls 

  • 12" raised floor to help cooling
  • Redundant air handling monitor and regulate air temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Optimized environment for computer components
  • HFC-125 Fire Protection
  • Primary non-ozone depleting agent absorbs heat energy to prevent spread and extinguish fire
  • Secondary dry water pipe system to minimize fire damage


  • Data Center placement on multiple power grids
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains continuous power for short-term outages
  • Surge Suppression protects sensitive equipment from surges, voltage spikes and frequency variations
  • Diesel generator availability for long-term power outages

Data Center Tour 




Secure Customer Cabinets

Secure Customer Cabinets 


Protected Infrastructure 

Protected Infrastructure 


website design company
Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
Website Design Company
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